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Joanie & Leigh's Cakes

Joan Spitler and Leigh Grode began their business, “Cake Divas”, in 1998 out of their mutual love for baked goods and a philosophy of sharing joy through food. In 2013, they changed their name to “Joanie & Leigh’s Cakes” due to a trademark issue.  The tradition of fabulous, divalicious cakes continues under the new name.   “Joanie and Leigh’s Cakes” are known for their original wedding cake designs, over the top artwork, and one-of-a-kind desserts. They have been featured extensively in press, television and film.  Their work has appeared in magazines including  “The Hollywood Reporter, “InStyle”, “People”, “Martha Stewart Weddings”, “TIME” and “Vogue”.   Their many television appearances include “Martha Stewart Living”, ”, Preston Bailey’s “Mr. Fabulous”, the first season of WE TV’s “Amazing Wedding Cakes” and “Platinum Weddings”, The Lazy Environmentalist (Sundance), and InStyle Celebrity Weddings” (CBS).  They are regular guests on television and the web showcasing dessert trends and ideas. Joanie and Leigh work with top celebrities, party planners, and style aficionados to create some of the most memorable events .  They have traveled internationally to create cakes, and are known for taking that last minute emergency cake order for 300 people.   Joan and Leigh worked with Diane Keaton as her baking coaches for the movie “Because I Said So”. They worked on the Tim Burton film “Alice in Wonderland”, creating the iconic ‘EAT ME’ cake and other Mad Hatter tea party delights.  Their creations have been featured in many films , including “Bridesmaids”, and regularly on a multitude of television shows. 

Joan Spitler, or Joanie, was born and raised in Southern California.  She began dreaming up cakes as a kid, winning elementary school cake decorating contests in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade consecutively.  In college, she studied art while working in a bakery.  She received her bachelor’s degree in visual arts at UC San Diego where studied with many of the founding artists of the conceptual performance art movement of the 60’s. She is currently a member of Rachel Rosenthal’s TOHUBOHU improvisational performance troupe in Los Angeles, in addition to running the bakery with Leigh.  Joan uses baking skills, art expertise and improvisational talents to create cakes that are both delicious and gorgeous. Her imagination is limitless.  She once made a cake that was so big that she had to climb on scaffolding to complete it.  Another cake was so small, that she had to use a magnifying glass to write on it! 

Leigh Grode was born in the cultural Mecca of New York, where she gained a great appreciation for cuisine and the fine arts.  Her grandmother’s kitchen was her training ground, and her first cake was baked in an easy-bake oven.  She still rules the kitchen by Grandma Fay’s high standards. Everything must be beyond delicious, and perfect in every way. Before starting the business, Leigh lived in Amsterdam for 5 years, where she studied film and television.  Her training in this area gave her a fine eye for composition, as well as production.  These skills translated well to the designing of cakes and running the time sensitive business of a bakery. Her high standards make her the perfect judge for the television show that she appears on, “Ultimate Cake Off” (TLC). At the bakery, Leigh constantly pushes the creative envelope by designing cakes that challenge her staff to do seemingly impossible projects. A 2-story cake in the middle of a fashion runway, a life size cake furniture show room, and a six- foot wedding cake encrusted with three thousand Swarovski crystals are just a few examples.  

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