Making Dreams Delicious.

Joanie & Leigh's Cakes

strawberry cupcakes, pink, white cupcakes, floral, sprinkles, dessert table display


A few bites never looked so good 

under the sea cupcakes, 3 year old, kids, penguins,baby crabs , star fish
Gold and pink cupcakes, gold pearls, sugar pansies
fairy tale cupcakes, mushrooms, Alice in Wonderland, woodsey, Wedding desserts, dessert table display


beach theme cupcakes, mini cupcakes, seashells, white chocolate, strawberry chocolate

cupcake display (part of dessert table)

mini cupcakes, wedding, simple pansies, vanilla, white

under the sea themed cupcakes

mini cupcakes with flowers 

under the sea themed cupcakes

forest themed cupcakes

white pearl cupcakes, buttercream, wedding, silver, mini round bites

Floral cupcakes 

Floral cupcakes, wedding cupcakes, pansies, gold mini mini flowers, floral